Notsolinear Productions, LLC was founded in 2014 by David Olimpio. Its mission is to publish web sites, literature, art, film, and print projects. David is a storyteller and photographer who lives in Northern New Jersey. He believes we create ourselves through the stories we tell and that is what he aims to do every day, both for himself and for his clients.



This literary journal, founded in 2011 and taken over by NSL Productions in 2017, publishes literary and mixed media work daily, and distributes a weekly email to over 4000 subscribers.


As a board member of Arts by the People in Morristown, NJ, David helped develop the Moving Words project. He currently produces the web site and the live performances. 


Since 2010, David has been taking photos of his dogs who, over time, have developed the ability to write poetry. More than online creations, these photo-poems have appeared in galleries and are available for purchase.